Glass Gardens is a Norfolk based popup shop featuring hand crafted terrariums and jewelry as well as succulents, air plants, and other plant varieties. The idea for the shop sprung from the owner, John Wharton's passion of plants and his wife's jewelry creations. 

Weddings and Special events

We provide custom terrarium and succulent arrangements for weddings and other special events. Contact John if you'd like to have Glass Gardens featured at your event.  

Terrarium Classes and Community Events

We also hosts terrarium classes at a variety of Norfolk locations. Glass Gardens has also participated in a number of Better Block, urban gardening, and community outreach events. Check out the event calendar to learn more about upcoming events and classes.


We are featured in a number of consignment shops in the Hampton Roads, VA area. Click here to view the full list. 

More than just a shop

Glass Gardens is about art. It's about creativity, expressing passion, and connecting with others and sharing experience. It's about not being afraid to follow your dreams. It's about sharing smiles. It's about making the world beautiful because not all art requires a canvas.

Meet The Team


John thrives on making connections and engaging with people. Holding an English Degree from Penn State, and a Labor Relations minor. He is no stranger to small business management and development. Friends say he often captures an experience in a string of energetic and poetic words. A published writer and part time doodler. He is passionate about life and creating with others. This spills over into his terrarium classes. One customer exclaimed, “I wish I was as passionate about just one thing as John is about succulents!” This passion inspired John to go for it, and start a business focused on these plants. He also loves his position as Marketing Director for American Classic Self Storage, where he continues to assist others with a self storage solution. A dreamer by nature, John gets excited about trying out new ideas and enjoys giving back to the community.

"Nothing important is ever done alone."


With a degree in Journalism Graphics from Ball State University, Ashley seeks to capture ideas, feelings, and messages in beautiful, thoughtfully designed graphics. She enjoys decorating, crafting, creating and networking. Dedicated to her city and its progress, Ashley participates in a number of local initiatives to increase Norfolk’s appreciation and practice of art and brings a special enthusiasm to cultivating a vibrant young community downtown. She recently accepted a position as Creative Director for Vow Magazine and has helped numerous local startups with their branding, which is essential for the success of any young company. An essential corner of the Glass Gardens triangle, Ashley provides design, marketing, social media and branding expertise.

"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." -Dorothy B. Parker


Heather enjoys capturing experiences through engaging written stories. She is on a mission promoting positive change through small intentional actions, which are cataloged on her blog, With a degree in Interactive Media from the School of Media Arts and Design at JMU, she understands the role media plays in shaping the world and the power it has over cultural norms and behaviors. She hopes to help small businesses that stand for positive change use media with intention. Being a member of the Glass Gardens team represents a unique opportunity to practice this goal. Eager to learn and help, Heather completes the Glass Gardens team trifecta by providing website, social media, and content and event organization support.

"Only through our actions do we manifest the reality of our destiny."