Gratitude for our Collaborators and Community

The name “Glass Gardens and Friends” for our 717 Granby St popup at the NEON Festival has a multi-faceted meaning. We collaborated with friends, a few different artists and contributors, but our hope was to make new friends, YOU!

We enjoyed sharing our energy and time with you at the popup. Our passion could not thrive without your participation. You, our neighbors and guests, make our dreams a reality. Without your curiosity, engagement, and willingness to get your hands dirty, our energy would wilt.

So, thank you for taking the time to visit us, build a terrarium, see how we paint with plants, contribute to the cactus collage, share your plant stories, learn, and for your willingness to take home and care for our plant friends! We couldn’t have done it without you. Period.

Thankful for Collaboration

We are also so thankful for our contributing artists, creators, collaborators and volunteers who helped liven up the space and write the chapters of our own plant story.

Seed Bomb Dispensers

Stephanie Li Puma
Seed bombs are the rogue beauty that springs forth when someone tosses one of these bombs into an unsuspecting area and then months later, BOOM! beautiful flowers erupt. Stephanie and John worked together to craft the dual planter, one side a terrarium and the other a gumball machine turned seed bomb dispenser. It glowed red at night outside 717 Granby St during the NEON Fest.

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Lauren Consoli
The beautifully crafted LED light fixtures adorned the popup giving a luxurious luminescence to the space. Her lights are featured throughout many establishments in Hampton Roads, and she adds a special flare by using upcycled objects such a driftwood or glass carboys.

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Upcycled Salvage Planter Bench

George Arbogust
The salvage enthusiast used only what he already had at home to create this lighted planter bench adding a little extra flare and a place to rest outside the popup.

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Cactus Collage

Kendal (Bee Kind) & Heather (Small Acts Count)
A team effort by these two ladies to get Friday’s special installment going. The cactus collage represents our desire to allow others to create with us. Anyone was welcome to join in and help us create this piece of art.

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Plant Stories

Heather Philips, Small Acts Count
After sharing a story on Instagram about a succulent cutting pulled from the tree where her mother’s ashes lay, an idea was born. What better way to connect with people at a plant popup shop than to share stories about plants! We collected over 50 plant stories on our pin board and more over email and Instagram.

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Special thanks to Emma for her video plant story!

Help us keep the story going!

Share your plant story using the button or tag @glassgardens and @smallactscount on Instagram and use the hashtag #PlantStories

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Ashley Grove, Fairview Place
What would we do without the creative vision and inspiring ideas from our very own Ashley Grove? She captures our ideas in engaging graphics and helps direct our creative efforts. She created an awesome walking tour map of the NEON for the festival event and they went fast!

Click here to download the map.

The Energetic Helper

Jake M.
He was there when we needed him, ready to take on any task. He jumped right in to lead terrarium classes, take your polaroid picture, and had the knowledge necessary to teach you about air plants and succulents. A big warm welcome to our newest team member.

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Fearless Leader

John R. Wharton
Of course, none of this would be possible without our fearless leader and visionary, John. His constant drive to connect with new people, share his passion for plants, and push the boundaries of what it means to start and own a small business inspire us to try new things and give 110%.

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